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Document Solutions


The IntelliCloud™ Document Workflow Management suite enables Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) to easily capture paper or digital documents and connect them to business processes to reduce costs while increasing accessibility, security and compliance

Print Shop Mail Suite:

PrintShop Mail Suite works in any business environment and is offered as a modular solution with a desktop edition for producing one-off pieces and an optional multi-user version with web-to-print capabilities for managing and producing ongoing and repetitive communications. Using personalization for direct mail, invitations, tickets, postcards, calendars, business cards, versioned brochures, and customized communications helps businesses increase response rates and capture new customers. Commercial printers as well as print and service providers wanting to produce professional one-to-one documents cannot pass the PrintShop Mail Suite by. This powerful VDP solution makes printing any versioned or personalized marketing piece a breeze.

Bizhub SECURE:

We offer lock down protection with bizhub SECURE: a set of enhanced password and data security measures to give your bizhub mfp an extra level of security. We offer professional safeguard services for both our full size and small MFPs that will be provided by your Konica Minolta field engineer. Ensure that your data is more than just secure –it’s bizhub SECURE!


In clinics, hospitals and medical administrative centers, HIPAA compliance related to security and confidentiality are critical concerns. To satisfy these requirements, Konica Minolta provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of standard privacy and security solutions. We give you all the tools you need to protect patient information with secure printing, scanning, copying and faxing functions. Our MFPs feature the lock-down protection of bizhub SECURE Healthcare to help you ensure patient confidentiality and enhance your organization’s HIPAA compliance strategy.

PageScope Mobile:

PageScope Mobile is an application that enables you to use your iPad, iPad 2iPhone or iPod touch to scan documents to your mobile device or print documents from your mobile device using a compatible Konica Minolta bizhub device.

PaperCut MF:

Eliminate waste, encourage responsible behavior and make users and departments accountable for their print usage. PaperCut MF includes embedded software that runs on your copier/MFD to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device’s panel. PaperCut MF is suitable for sites of any size, with a cross-platform and vendor-neutral approach to technology and device support. PaperCut’s solutions are currently in use in over 50,000 sites worldwide and translated into 20 languages, making PaperCut MF a product you can trust with a high return-on-investment

PlanetPress Suite:

PlanetPress Suite enables easy creation and printing of transactional, promotional and transpromotional variable content documents as well as offering advanced automated distribution and workflow management capabilities. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived, emailed and/or faxed as part of a sophisticated output management application driven by PlanetPress Watch or PlanetPress Server. Conditional text, business graphs and images can be incorporated based upon information contained within the data stream.

A huge benefit of working with Noordyk Business Equipment is their Insight Application that was installed on our equipment. We have been expanding our business and have busy schedules, so the automatic supplies that come when we need them are extremely helpful. Knowing that we always have toner for our equipment when we need it allows us to focus more of our time & energy into our business. I give Noordyk’s a 5 star rating – their customer service is extremely pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable and their service technicians stop in to make sure our equipment is always running smoothly.

Eastown Veterinary Clinic

We have been a happy customer of Noordyk Business Equipment’s for decades. They provide us with good quality service and are always responsive to our specific needs. We’ve done our homework and price checked their proposals – they provide us with fair, affordable pricing for their products and services. We greatly appreciate Noordyk’s willingness to work with our staff to avoid scheduling conflicts when it comes time to service. Noordyk Business Equipment makes it easy and enjoyable to work with them!

University Club of Grand Rapids

We previously managed our office equipment ourselves. We were spending a fortune on ink - for low quality machines that we were having to replace much too often. Since making the decision to sign on with Noordyk Business Equipment, they have provided us with quality equipment that consistently produces good quality prints. It is clear that the staff at Noordyk’s has our best interest in mind. They have made recommendations for us that have resulted in improved quality of life in our office. They genuinely care about our needs and always follow up to ensure we are satisfied with their products and service. Overall, they are a great company to do business with.

Michigan MHC, Inc.

Before partnering with Noordyk Business Equipment, we managed our office equipment ourselves – keeping track of which toner cartridge went with which machine & troubleshooting printer issues via user manuals. Noordyk’s has since helped us by providing well-trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff who ship us supplies when needed and service our machines. Aimee, our account representative, has worked closely with us to evaluate our specific needs ensuring our costs are manageable and reflect our actual usage, so that we aren’t paying for services or supplies that we don’t need or use.

Gezon Tool Services

Partnering with Noordyk Business Equipment to take over the maintenance of our office equipment has been a great experience. They are helpful and accommodating when it comes to our needs. Our Account Representative, Aimee Paulson, has personally dropped off supplies when we needed them urgently.

Brenntag Great Lakes

The finishing equipment that we have from Noordyk Business Equipment has elevated the look of our marketing materials, we are very pleased with the final products. It has been a very pleasant experience working with Noordyk. We happily recommend them to other businesses!

Owen Ames Kimball

We have a folding machine, a laminating machine & a large paper cutter that we purchased from Noordyk Business Equipment. We save so much time by using our folder for our weekly bulletins & other documents that we publish in large quantities – it would take hours to fold them by hand. It is great to know that we can count on Noordyk to be responsive to our needs, they call back right away & if there is a service issue, they are there immediately to fix it.

Brookside Christian Reformed Church

Noordyk Business Equipment has gone above and beyond with the service they provide for our office equipment. Prior to purchasing new equipment from Noordyk our machine was constantly broken, we felt as if we were imposing when asking for service and we weren’t given any other options. Now, Noordyk gives us great customer service. Matt, who services our equipment, happily tackles anything we throw his way. Aimee, our account representative with Noordyk, is great to work with – always attentive to our needs!

Danica & Lisa
Schnelker, Rassi & McConnell, PLC

We were not happy with our previous vendor for our office equipment— our machine was slow, jammed frequently, had issues scanning, the print quality was poor—and service calls typically didn’t result in the issues getting fixed. Noordyk Business Equipment has made us much happier! The set up was simple, the quality, speed & functionality of both our copier & desk printers is much better. Any questions we have had have been addressed quickly & in person when necessary. We really love that Noordyk is a local company as well!

LaFleur & Godfrey, Inc.

I felt listened to and included in the process of deciding on a new machine that would work for all the printing needs I have as a legal assistant. The printer I have from Noordyk Business Equipment is much better suited to the needs of my role in the office. I really appreciate how responsive Noordyk is when we are having issues with one of our machines—they have great technicians & customer service. Having Insight Application in place takes some of the work off my plate, allowing me more time for other tasks.

Colletti & Mobilia P.C.

We recommend Noordyk Business Equipment to several other businesses - I just love that Noordyk’s is a local family owned company! We previously were stressed with paying way too much for terrible service, but now that we are with Noordyk’s we couldn’t be happier. The price is good, the employees are very helpful and the service is tremendous. It’s a great feeling to know that we are working with honest people who will take care of us while providing us with quality service and products.

St. Mark's Episcopal

Everyone at Noordyk Business Equipment is very friendly. We receive quick responses from every department. They are easy to contact and quick to help when we need it!

South Blendon Reformed Church

We worked with Noordyk to upgrade all the printers in our office.  We had some difficulties in our transition but Ben (or account rep) and the Noordyk support team were great to work with and helped us troubleshoot several major issues along the way.  From network connectivity to saved documents on our old printers (also from Noordyke).  By the end we were able to get everything back up and running.  They really worked with us to make sure we were ultimately happy in the end and didn’t leave us having to deal with all of it on our own after the installations.  Great company and great customer service.

Family Futures

Noordyk Business Equipment has been able to alleviate many of the aches & pains we experienced with our previous office equipment vendor. When we have trouble with our machine we are able to easily communicate our needs to Noordyk’s - and their response time is impeccable! Even if we have problems on a Friday, Noordyk’s will still address the problem right away. It’s great to do business locally with a company that has existed in our community for many years.

East Leonard Christian Reformed Church

Noordyk Business Equipment has been very attentive to our office equipment needs. They walked us through the process of changing machines, making it a simple process. Both our sales representative & service technician were present for the delivery of our new machine to ensure it went smoothly. We love the desire for excellence in the customer service & people at Noordyk.

Daybreak Community Church

We have always had Noordyk Business Equipment as our go-to experts for copy/printing machines and supplies. Noordyk has always been quick to assess and attend to our needs, repairs, and upgrades. They set the bar for prompt responses to any type of need. From the boss down to every employee, concerns are always taken seriously and we are greeted with a smile.  They go the extra mile to please their customers.  Employees are knowledgeable in all areas, including technology.

West Side Christian School

Thank you for the excellent and quick service! We are in awe of how hard NBE works to keep our machines running and we truly appreciate your Service Department!

Dutton Christian School

Our business is seasonal as well as dependent on the market, prior to working with Noordyk Business Equipment, this caused us to over pay on our service contracts with our previous providers. Tyler met with us prior to signing to review our current situation & determine our “pain” points & how to best address them. With Noordyk we are able to save money on our monthly contracts by taking our low point each year & establishing that as a base line for the contract we hold with them—this alleviates the excess expense we had with our previous providers. Tyler has been fantastic to work & we look forward to continuing our relationship with Noordyk.”

Member Advantage Mortgage

Noordyk Business Equipment has served our copy, print and scan needs for over three years and they continue to provide amazing service. They helped us identify the right equipment for our office and have worked with us as our needs have grown to ensure that we have the equipment we need while consistently exceeding our expectations!

Jonathan Mast

When I hear the name “Noordyk” I know it’s a name I can trust. They work with a number of other churches, so I know our needs as a church are going to be met and that we are going to be taken care of. Ben has been wonderful to work with. He touches base with us frequently to insure that any questions we may have are answered, something we didn’t experience with our previous supplier. Our account is set up to automatically order supplies when needed and automatically send in our monthly meter readings saving Kris much valued time. The high quality of our Konica Minolta bizhub C654e allows us to do much more in house printing than we planned for. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with Noordyk!

Blake Hicks
Executive Pastor / Frontline Community Church